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Alicja (Alicia) Aratyn was born in Poland. She received her Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from the Warsaw Polytechnic University in 1978, has worked as an Editor in a Publishing House. Throughout her career, Alicja devoted some of her time to the study of Alternative Medicine and Metaphysical Techniques. 
Following her move to Canada in 1991, serious health problems experienced by her son propelled her to apply these techniques directly in her own life. To her great joy, her son's health improved drastically with the help of Reiki and Qigong (an important part of Chinese Traditional Medicine). This most positive experience led her to change her career path to that of full-time Holistic Healer and Teacher. 

Therefore, since 1993, Alicja has dedicated her career to professional Dowsing, Holistic Healing, Teaching and Lecturing all over North America, Asia, Australia and Europe, when she also partakes in cooperative ventures associated with several companies as a Motivational Speaker.
This new path introduced Alicja to many different Metaphysical Tools, which she has now incorporated in her own array of products and services. Her extensive first-hand experience with these products enables her to share this knowledge with others through courses and workshops. 

Alicja's present goals encompass extending this knowledge to both adults and children alike: Through Adult Workshops, she wishes to empower each person in order that they may manage their life without the need of external assistance. 
Her technique involves the use of empowerment by means of increased Self Esteem and Ethical Methodology, as well as the use of certain Metaphysical Tools such as the Tarot, the Pendulum and Numerology, so that each individual may grow to their maximum potential. 

Through Children and Youth Workshops, Alicja wishes to reinforce the very foundation of the society we are all a part of. 
Children are our contribution to the world. By teaching our children the basics of Universal Laws, and by instilling within them the ethical approach to life, we can make a difference. 

Alicja Centre of Well-Being was founded with this in mind. Her Courses and Workshops are updated on a regular basis according to the ever growing flow of information. Due to growing demand, private and personal one-on-one sessions are now available at the Center. 

In appreciation of her work, Alicja's name has been chosen and listed as an Honoured Professional in the National Register's "WHO"S WHO" in Executives and professionals for 2001-2002 editon.

Alicja is a well known and highly recognized healer, who, over the years, has learned many different and unique modalities. Despite being mostly known for  her dowsing skill, she also has the gift of seeing past, present, and future as well as getting messages from the other side. We invite you to learn about Alicja's many services and see how we can help you live a happier, healthier, and more prosperous life. 

Hands on Healing Treatment 
Quit Smoking 
Clearing Houses and Offices 
Numerology Consultation for Individuals 
Numerology Consultation for Businesses 

Hands on Healing Treatment
In her Healing treatments Alicja uses Dowsing, Reiki, Medical Chi-Gong, and Phantom Surgery (to mention just a few modalities). Basing on your needs she will use a combination of these techniques and, when she touches your body, she will tap into your time line to travel through your incarnations to see whatever your soul wishes to reveal to her. 
After a treatment she will talk to you about what she has experienced and what messages she has received. Basically the treatment is like a "two in one" combo since it includes both healing and partly channeled information. You will learn more about yourself than during an ordinary healing treatment. 
Alicja will also give you some guidance what should be changed in your life/life style and in which direction to not only help you heal but to also stay healed! 

Quit Smoking
Releasing an addiction to smoking requires a very strong desire. It is one of the hardest habits to let go of. If you really want to quit smoking Alicja will put you in Alpha state (a state of lowered brain frequencies) in which it is easier to remove improper programing and thoughts patterns. Alicja will work with you to help remove the patterns which keep you smoking. In most cases 3 sessions are enough to successfully quit smoking. You will also receive the tape from your first sessions to re-inforce the treatment between them. 

During the Channeling Session, Alicja enters a trance and a light being will come to talk to you and answer your questions. Usually there will be one of two light beings cooperating with Alicja closely Amazon, a Master Healer and Teacher from Atlantis, who has not incarnated since then, or Agatha, a Scientist and Philosopher from University of Padua (Italy) last incarnated in the XIV Century. 
These beings will help you with understanding: 
obstacles in your everyday life 
karmic patterns in your current life-time 
marital/relationship problems 
source of blockages in your financial situation 
love matters 
past lives and their influence on you today 
your spiritual path and how to increase it 
business problems 
compatibility with life or business partners. 
The Channeling Session takes 30-45 min. and the whole conversation is recorded (with full confidentiality) on tape, which belongs to you without any copies. Sessions are available in the Alicja Centre of Well Being or  by phone (the tape will be then sent to you by mail). 

Past Life Regression
During this treatment Alicja will put you in a deep meditative state in which you will see or feel or know fragments of your past. Depending on the problem you want to work on she will lead you through the lifetime when during which the problem originated and will help you understand its purpose of in your life today. You will explore the your past in great detail. After treatment you will remember everything and she will analyze the session with you to give you spiritual and mental tips as well as triggers to use in the future. In most cases, the  problem is released after one session. 

Clearing Houses and Offices
Clearing process done by Alicja consists of: 

finding and neutralizing of Geopathic Stress zones 
finding and neutralizing of Black Streams (Underground water vibrations) 
removing non beneficial energy forms and patterns 
arranging inner flow of energy by elements of Feng Shui 
checking all area for EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) disturbances 
Alicja first dowses the area for harmful vibrations from underground. Depending on the intensity and area under the influence of those vibrations, Alicja will advise either re-arrangement of furniture or the use different types of neutralizers. 
Second part is dedicated to clearing from non beneficial energy forms and patterns. In this part Alicja use traditional, ancient procedures for of removing these energies and putting them where they belong. They are replaced with frequencies of white and gold - the most beneficial ones for human body, mind and spirit. 
Third part is the use of Feng Shui- Alicja explains what should be changed to improve energy flow inside the whole place are and what colors, objects, and/or plants may help. 

Numerology Consultation for Individuals
Alicja will prepare your chart in advance,  basing on the European School of Numerology. She will show you your Pyramid of Life to  explain the stages of your life as well as their characteristics. Based on your date of birth and your full name she will show you your purpose in life, the path you are following right now, and how to bring the  two together. If you are having doubts about your relationships, Alicja can check your compatibility with your current or potential partner. If you are expecting a child, Alicja can help you choose the best names, so your children will have better chances to reach their full potential. Finally, Alicja will analyze your signature to add an expression of your personal power to it. 

Numerology Consultation for Businesses
For new businesses: Alicja will find the optimal date of registration for you and will check the name for proper to have the best vibration to your  business vibration. She will also check your logo and suggest enhancements. 
For existing businesses: Alicja will check the name and  logo and will give  tips on how to change it so it will vibrational match the purpose of your business. If  necessary, she will give you the best dates for re-registering your business. 
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