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W R I T E   A R T I C L E S   O F   Y O U R   L I F E T I M E !

Place and time are always of importance. Nobody is born by chance, just at a random town or village of whichever country on the earth. We all have our own, individual plans of development plotted on the scores of experiences we are doomed to get over. May it sound as a banal but all these experiences build up our ego whose existence has no end.

For unknown reasons I myself decided to be born in the country that, for all my 50 yearlong life, I wished to escape from. A cursed land? No, there are worse countries of more painful experience. Stupidity of the inhabitants? No, as there are plenty of fools everywhere. It is rather their lost confidence in their individual and tribal capabilities to stop a sequence of negative events imposed from outside that has brought the people to the dead end, to their sense of temporariness, of provisional character of things. 

Time is a relative idea; however the time of this land seems to be lost as it keeps passing through a certain channel and then turns backwards where the beginning and the end fetter each other in the same logic of reasoning. Stuffy experiences of subsequent generations fighting for apparent independence in the atmosphere of God fearing dependencies and legitimate reasons only. Everything has right to live, stones included, however in the country where I was born, stones keep being stratified again and again, and only the barricades are changing. 

There are certainly causes and effects dependent on other stones the roads and paths of my country are paved with, however, I can hardly understand how and when those huge boulders crushing these native and simple pebbles with their weight for many years could possibly grow up.

To make the story short, I have, for 50 years now, wished to run away from those alien, expanding boulders that land had been admitting so light-heartedly.

Thus, I have gained experience in that heavy matter into which I barged myself in while getting born from the star dust of the zodiacal Leo. Luckily, despite a number of dramatic plots I can masochistically boast of, I was fortunate enough to understand and feel in a way different from that of the people I had to endure certain moments with. The distance I keep from the purposefulness of experiencing trials always gave me a sense of even bigger will of survival, not for any price, however. From time to time I had a vague hunch that I was somehow protected as that barrier of complete incapacity has never been crossed. 

When I grew up, I started chasing the intents of our creators with the desperation equal to that the unconscious people pray to the causative power. My faith, however, did not consist in begging for mercy and success as what kind of life a penitent or eternal beggar may lead. Hardiness I have been treating so called divine affairs ever since my childhood is still in me, nevertheless, it has become somehow weakened like my cussedness to become as mighty as They are. Unfortunately, I was punished at that point, too and failed to be included in the community of those selected … Or I am not aware of the same. I must have been given a chance not to plod my way through the complete darkness as I have been equipped with skills to comprehend what is generally hidden.

Several years ago I had a breakthrough meeting. That night experience verging on a night dream recovered the sense I had already begun doubting. However, that attempt hardly brought any success with it. What I could feel a moment later was only my deep disappointment with myself. I must have failed to get ready for that meeting or my fear of unknown might have dominated my sub conscience. In any case I was unable to fly away somewhere to the areas known to Them only.

That meeting gave me a huge drive to join Them for a little while at least. When I go back in my memories to my happy childhood, I can find recollections hard to explain. As long as my creative father was alive, there took place some vague occurrences with participation of … dwarfs. Once, they even presented me with a strange vehicle I enjoyed playing with for some time and then it disappeared or I might damage it somehow. My wise father was telling me various stories and one of them is still vivid in my memory.

Somewhere in the middle of a strange wood there used to live a tribe of different people. They had everything that a man could wish to get. Just laws, enough food and clothes distributed according to their needs, houses that they were building together. However, the most important were their telepathic achievements.

They could communicate directly with any other tribe member that happened to find himself in danger, beyond their territory. They had also a gift of disappearance or transformation into trees in order to survive their hard time like local disasters beyond their control. Each of them had some individual gift. One could bring about rain, another could stop it or direct it to other areas. They were unable to stop hurricanes that the more were raging through the planet, the closer the precession was coming. Finally, some day they disappeared from the place they used to live in ever since the very beginning of life on the Earth. Why did they disappear? Where did they go? My father left the rest unsaid as his body had been gnawed upon by an insidious tumor. 

It must have been on that very day when for the first time I saw a mound he was lying under that I took up a strong decision to search for vanishing people with extraordinary abilities. It was undoubtful for me that my father must have been one of them.

However, one day I came to dead end in those spontaneous explorations. It was the time of my defiance against widespread conformist philosophy of life, which almost led me to the brink of precipice. Singing blues and souls, I was drinking various kinds of strange liqueur prepared by someone coiled around by a legend of an old hippy man. He was a talented but lost musician who began confusing time and place more and more. He was acquainted with herbs like an old shaman but he was not knowledgeable about people. I happened to be his first involuntary victim who almost paid with my life for that unfinished concert. In my solitary revolt, locked in a sort of cage of unconsciousness, I was walking along a night tract of suburban street leading along a cemetery.

How did I get there? A November wind started restoring my balance and arousing me from a torpid trance. Very slowly did my senses, one after another, start activating and visualizing my situation better and better. Nevertheless, I was walking home very bravely without any idea that the worst was only going to face me. I was there, all by myself in that dreary place, but fear had never been my domain. Therefore, unconsciously I was making my way ahead. All of a sudden, somewhere nearby, a gray car stopped noiselessly. I would have never got inside if it had not been the driver's gentle voice that sounded like my father's voice, which, at that time, was no longer to be heard. In that daze of mine I got inside without any resistance and was driven then along that empty street with a feeling of absolute safety. And suddenly the driver pointed out:

-Look, what would have happened to you, had you refused to get in my car ….

How did he know? We were just passing by an old railway viaduct and a terrifying band of shady characters in front of it.

Then, when he drove me home, he could not expect me to pay him and was not surprised I had no bag with me. When I looked back to wave him good bye and show my gratitude and evident relief, I could not even see a shadow of the disappearing car. I stood amazed and cannot remember how I got home then.

I did not associate that fact with something unreal in the course of years to come. I simply deleted it from my memory together with that utopian revolt of a girl at the age of seventeen.

Undertaking official studies in that country of boulders was closely connected with acceptance of stony rules and I had never been of heavy solid body stock. My pebbles used to have the colors of sapphire, ruby or crystal, and thus I kept escaping from the gray that prevailed in all the corners of life. However, from time to time I was also beset with that stone fall and carried downwards together with all those willing and unwilling to surrender to its nameless rush, except that my own landing was always beyond all and any logic.

I used to have two faces; my own, hidden one and the other that was often smiling. When I started to lead my life of an adult, that is more consciously, everything around me seemed to be thinning out as if I had been doomed to staying in the vacuum. My relations with other fellow countrymen looked more and more temporary, I could hardly find any place to live for good, no matter how much I wanted to. I had the impression that, despite the same language we spoke, I was separated from them with a huge window glass even when I was doing my best to talk like they did. For a long time I kept being that ugly duckling until a certain moment came.

- “You are going back to Lemuria …” I heard a declaration of a befriended astrologist after I had undertaken to learn the truth about myself. And indeed, the same year, unexpectedly, without money, did I go there, my only safe conduct consisting in my passion to write, which was bringing a good publicity to my biotherapy sponsoring ladies. It was an unforgettable flight and so was my staying on the isle where everything appeared magic to me. Immediately I ran a high temperature and was invaded by peculiar, uncontrollable trembling. Submerged, in my clothes, in water up to the neck, I was greeting the Ocean with the open arms, the Ocean that had been so close to me in the other, distant life. From the early mornings up to the starry nights, I was trying to recall something, something far-away, beautiful and different from the images of life I used to live in my stony country.

And then I saw those eyes, or their profoundness rather, and at that very moment, I guess, a transformation of me started. He felt it, too, and we slowly became one - surrounded with a golden aura. Things were happening exactly as the psychic astrologist had seen it much earlier. We were driving through the mountains at night and I felt we were flying rather over a bumpy road. I felt Their presence and was happy to be there. On our hairpin road we were passing by discoid viewing decks of exceptional importance to us. On the way to the sepulcher in a cave it did not occur to me what I was actually going to experience. And he drove us exactly to that place. How could he possibly know?

I was standing above a huge cave and could hardly believe I was there. Small stubs stacked by the wall turned out to be coffins of humanoids from before thousands of years. My jaws, legs, whole body were giving out. “Evacuation!” – the only word that was crying out of control in me. Then I hurled myself down to find something lost, however I was refused to touch them and forced backwards, from the place of the past tragedy, my forgotten tragedy.

He kept silent, only his eyes were talking. And that something strange in him … I knew I was going to engage into a relationship with that rather short man of big healing powers. 

A difficult reality, full of sacrifice and responsibility was emerging among banal words. In the country of stones and boulders Marvin’s energy was a salutary source of life regeneration for hundreds of lost people. Even if he did not understand his roots to the end, the most important thing consisted in his skills to restore hope for recovery.

When with him, I found sense at last and began being less of a gray swan as there was someone speaking the same internal language with me. Someone from amidst Them.

Strange, unexpectedly appearing and almost immediately disappearing sort of stigmas on his skin, or escape almost unharmed from a dramatic accident made palpable confirmation of what had begun a long time before. Some inscrutable sounds that had nothing in common with bangs or claps or knocks, and golden balls, which could, by no means, be taken for a poor substitute for the moon in the western sky near our home every night –we covered all that at the beginning of our struggle for and against each other and against human diseases. There was nothing I was astonished with, except with those restorations of human health, which proved day by day that the only impossible thing was to doubt the logic of the higher dimension. But some of them were dying and it was even more difficult to find that very logic. Therefore, my defiance was taking monstrous dimensions and I could do nothing but surrender. I was only a helpless human creature with an arrival's consciousness. 

At present the boulders grown into the soil are slowly being removed from my stony country, but I keep feeling ill at ease here. We have become older by years of experience and They as if disappeared from our lives, we do not feel their presence physically at least. However, I am sure They remain nearby and give us their instructions when we stumble through subsequent unfavorable arrangements of the planets. I am also aware of the approaching time of changes for all of us. This process started several years ago to reach its culmination in 2012. Life is recurring in cycles in the unimaginably immense time. There just comes a subsequent ecliptic precession after 12 thousand years. Isn't it fascinating, though terrifying, too, that we came to being at this final moments of the world we have got to know so well? Should we be frightened? Some of us know the force of typhoons and earthquakes and have no illusions as to escape from the elements. They have already experienced the fear for the close persons and know it was above any others. The cycle like a giant circle keeps wheeling on its own orbit with no regard to flowers in blossom, children in the course of delivery,wars, local fratricidal hatredsaroused.

It is this fear, the worst enemy of all to the forlorn man among a heap of things he has come to possess in the course of his life activities, that makes a drive distracting his thin protective film. Nothing easier to knock down a tree of a few hundred of years, thus a frail human being - even easier! Hence, why does that creature remain so arrogant and self confident? For fear that he is nothing but a coward.

The diseases I have been dealing with for the last eight years of my work with Marvin could disappear from day to day when a man himself changed into a giant but they could also knock down the strongest of them with one waft when he had been dubious all his life as to existence of forces much more mighty than his own ones.

My son brought home a small female dog thrown on the street: “Mum, let's save one animal's soul at least”. Millions of animals are to be cruelly killed the same day. Where is the logic? One sick person will recover from his disease by miracle while thousands of others are to be murdered by those who also call themselves human beings. Where is the sense?

The Corteum left their instructions for we are not alone here. Non encroachment in a self dependent development makes a principle of the Universe. However, the cycle comes to the end and none of us is going to escape to the orbit to save his life that might have failed to be promoted to the next class. And that next class is just a modified DNA and the 24 th chromosome …, a triple helis is vibrating.

Your, his, her psyche is nothing but a collective team operating in separate premises named bodies. If nothing comes out of it, it means that the mankind is subject to slow degeneration and the consciousness wraps its own ego.

We have already dealt with compassion, commiseration, life in love. The Great Initiates, Messengers have already sacrificed their lives. The ultimate time has come to us …

“The ancient world is coming to its end –

the Gods and people go mad.”

Zygmunt Krasi?ski, Irydion

Mrs. Ewa Kenig


Ewa Kenig is author of many interesting books. Some of them are still not translated to English:

"Never Ending Beginnings" - the story with a banal beginning, however as the time passes, everything becomes more and more condensed and doubtful. The characters show to what extent human consciousness may be changed. May our consciousness be controlled by supernatural forces? The non-interference pact belies that, however ....

"Revelated Islands" - short stories. Do we control ourselves from the beginning to the end or are we perhaps influenced by the powers we have no idea of? We all experience transitions all the time like that from day to night. Those two realities are melted in the human experience. Isn't it time to realize there are more ...?

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