A R T I C L E S   O F   Y O U R   L I F E T I M E !
Louis Matacia
Master Dowser, Surveyor, Author of articles & books, Teacher of  Dowsing.
By Ted Jec.
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   America has many great people.  One of the greatest people in the field of dowsing is unquestionably Mr. Louis Matacia.

   Louis Matacia earned a Bachelor of Science in Technology in Land Surveying serving as a topographical surveyor in the US Army, US Marines, Philippines and with licenses in six Eastern states. He taught dowsing techniques to US Marines to locate networks of tunnels, traps, and wires. 


   His lectures also include the Global Science Foundation, professional land surveyors, students and professors, local community organizations and other professional groups. His surveying experience led him to dowsing, which he has been studying for years.

   Matacia is interested in the challenge of the search and in seeking new solutions. He applies scientific knowledge and his interest in unproved phenomena to uncover new solutions. Using his dowsing powers, Matacia has located oil reserves, buried treasure, water & irrigation wells, ground water, caves, tunnels, utilities, septic systems missing or lost objects or persons, and archaeological digs.

       One of his most unusual assignments was to teach dowsing to US Marines for use in combat during the Vietnam War. He obtained detailed information, without prior knowledge, of a Viet Cong combat village and its network of tunnels, traps and wires. One soldier reported that many lives were saved by the use of the angle rod to locate traps and enemy underground tunnels. A year later, Matacia explained to Marine volunteers how to find a safe route through jungle without a compass by using a dowsing device, and how to locate troops and airfields using a pendulum and a map.

   Dowsing as a profession is not understood for many people. Some just have it as bazaar skills of few people who can predict unseen events or energy coming from lot of different places. Who can use dowsing pendulum? Apparently - almost anybody! There are very few people who don't get any dowsing reaction after proper training.

   There are some unexplainable things science can not  resolve and many events will not be able to explain.  The bridge between today science and other realms of reality may be dowsing. For many years Mr. Louis Matacia taught people his skills of dowsing.

   From extensive information enclosed by Mr. Louis Matacia we learned that even one of the greatest scientist of all times - Albert Einstein, performed impressive experimentation with a variety of dowsing devices. Most of these practices were only of academic value but by the middle of the 20th century dowsing was regularly being put to a great variety of profitable uses. He said something, lot of people in dowsing knows: "The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don't know how or why." "The truly valuable thing is the intuition." - "Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein.
   Dowsing, in general terms, is the art of finding hidden things. Dowsing is using a pendulum or divining rod, dowsing stick to find information normally not available through our senses or scientific instruments. Also known as divining, water witching, doodle bugging and other names, dowsing is an ancient practice whose origins are lost in long forgotten history. Artwork from ancient China and Egypt seem to show people using forked tools in what might have been dowsing activities. Dowsing may have been mentioned in the Bible, although not by name, when Moses used a "rod" to locate water.

   Institutions like American Society of Dowsers or U.S Psychotronics Association are no strangers to Mr. Louis Matacia. He worked many years to educate the public on dowsing and dowsing understanding.

   Working with crystals was once very hot topic for Mr. Matacia research. There is something in crystals that produce electromagnetic waves - all communication equipment, Radio and TV including today's computers use quartz in many forms.

   He succeeds in his projects and theories, and in picking qualified staff who he teaches, encourages and allows to stand on their own. 

   The special predisposition to dowsing and psychic ability runs in the family of  Mr. Louis Matacia. One of his greatest successes is Ginette, his daughter. She inherited great knowledge and psychic ability after her dad. She is very successfully involved in the field of dowsing. She is exceptional dowser and gifted licensed private investigator.

   The most interesting stories of Mr. Matacia are perhaps stories of finding subject from the distance called teleradiesthesia. The dowser having map in front of him can be dowsing them just like he could be in that location. It seems to be almost impossible yet it works specially when accurate maps are in use. Last decades Satellite maps are in use. Maps from internet service Google can enable most of people to print their location that is perhaps most accurate and send with questions to dowsing services. Mr. Matacia does dowsing of  many satellite images with astonishing results.

   Most people would wonder how is that possible to detect things that are most of the time invisible to human eyes. There are many explanations to the phenomena. To many it seems like it is kind of consciousness bridge between humans and supreme laws of universe by some called God. It is too big subject for many people but for now we have dowsing and people like Mr. Matacia who can be the bridge between people and the unknown.

   Finding Treasure by Combining Science and Parapsychology, a guide book by Louis Matacia was published in 1997. From this book people learn not only looking for hidden treasure. This is guide for people who want to learn from the best in the field of dowsing.

   Finding Treasure Auras, a guide book also was published and explains in detail the nature of mater in dowsing and parapsychology.


   From regular literature you can learn very unusual subjects Mr. Matacia writes in his articles. One of them is... Treasure Dowsing with Polaroid Pictures that was also made to audio tape with the coauthor Mr. Jeff Brady. 

   Dowsers are very close to nature and its environment. For example one article of Mr. Matacia deals with ... "Trade Rats", also known as Wood Rats or Cave Rats. Those animals love to take shining objects to their nests. They steel stuff by their nature. Finding their nests can bring you to real treasure accumulated by the rats!

   The application of dowsing skills by Mr. Matacia are almost endless: Licensed Land Surveyors, Geophysical and Geological Explorations, Field Investigations, Search & Rescue. Main area of discovery are finding: Underground Structures, Water Well sites, Missing Items / Persons. Dowsing Services are for Private, Commercial, Farms, Mining, & Well Drillers. 

   Main locations includes: Archaeological Digs, Burial Plots, Buried Treasures, Buried Utilities, Caves, Crime Scenes, Crystals, Gold & Minerals, Ground Water, Irrigation Wells, Maps & Photos for Missing Persons, Septic Systems & Tunnels.

I met lot of dowsers in USA, Canada, South America and Europe. I noticed they are absolutely interesting people. Dowsers are also very good souls. It seems like they know intuitively that bad energy from any source can alter or damage their finding. They are very positive most of the time and they uplift everyone around them. I don't remember I met any dowser who mentally put me down. I felt like dowsers are very sensitive to any energy around us. Today's dowsers like to share their skills. They organize dowsing events for all interesting including children that are naturally very sensitive and good at dowsing.

   Mr. Matacia wrote once very interesting message not only to dowsing students: "Remember this - when you mentally request exact molecular frequencies, you establish communication and release of energy. Know when and how to use this system will save your life as well as give you control over your adversaries."


   Talking about Mind over Matter... No wonder Einstein using dowsing could grasp more unknown knowledge then average scientist. Is dowsing some kind of bridge between human world and the world we don't know about. The realm of different dimensions that surrounds us and yet we are blind to see it. Some of us perhaps don't need dowsing instruments to feel some energy that today's science has no knowledge or instruments to detect it and measure it. 
   Perhaps human body is the final and ultimate instrument in the sea of invisible energies surrounding us every day. The human genome science and human genes study may bring us some answers but for now some of us... dowsing may have the basic answers.
   Today's dowsing can be used to answer questions. The dowser "connects" his mental power with the molecular frequency. He taps into the ocean of information for specific answers.  According to Mr. Matacia it does not end with getting answers for someone's questions. Control over matter can get real. Observers of Mr. Matacia noticed that when he was dowsing in the field they could see rays of light glowing from some places close to his body. There were cases of lost time for Mr. Matacia and his associates when being in the field. Could we be closer to finding some discoveries that human mind can in deed be so powerful that it can band time or manipulate matter? Can we all have the power of communicating using our human radios with it's unique frequencies of energy? The energy that is not yet known to science may be the vehicle on which today's dowsers ride to get their answers.
   Perhaps Mr. Matacia is closer to the answers of today's unexplainable scientific questions. Working on the rim of molecular frequencies and constant training for finding the unknown, today's dowsers like Mr. Matacia poses unique ability. Constant training gives them not only answers but makes them scientists in their own, unique way.
   Two hundred years ago people had no idea what radio or TV was. In today's' world they would feel overwhelm and bit scary. Two hundred years from now, we may be using technology that is using energy or "molecular frequencies system" as mentioned by Mr. Matacia. In two hundred years, today's dowsing stick can be the foundation of new technology and science. Until that time we will live with masters of dowsing like Mr. Matacia and their science of connecting us with the unknown. The greatest things in life are a mystery - said Albert Einstein.

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