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W R I T E   &   R E A D   A R T I C L E S   O F   Y O U R   L I F E T I M E !
By Ted Jec.

   Dowsing, future predictions and finding missing people is what Mr. Tadeusz Zbiegieni from Katowice - Silesia, is doing for his professional life as dowser. Experience of over 30 years in this unusual profession has brought great successes in terms of knowledge and experience.

   Finding water veins on properties is top priority for many people but for the passed years big corporations save thousands of dollars by using dowsers. Unexplainable phenomena of dowsing is not taking as only magic. Dowsing has been proven to show people the unseen. From sickness to solving problems of bed locations to prevent cancer and other bad diseases from earth bad radiation.

   Mr. Zbiegieni mastered his dowsing profession to the highest standards. Top orders come from property owners who want to know where to dig for water wells on their properties. over 1000 wells located has 95-97 % accuracy! Due to high results Mr. Zbiegieni started to work with large corporations from the geological and drilling firms around the world. Drilling can be very expensive. Every customer receives detail report. From depth of search mineral to capacity and rate of flow
 is determine. Many times the quality of water is also determine in each report. When large drilling companies have millions of dollars on line - services of Mr. Zbiegieni are not small cake.  Every 30 meter of drilling in the mountains cost about $4000.00 - the responsibility and place for error can not be ignored.

   Second largest request from customers is home geopathic radiation including water veins bad fields. It has been determine that bad fields coming from Earth cannot be ignored. From very bad radiation that is being emitted from center of Earth people do get sick - very sick. Sleeping in such bad spot can bring such diseases as cancer, Parkinson disease and many other bad syndromes of degenerative body situations. "Healing" the environment where people spent most of their time is top priority for Mr. Zbiegieni. You spent 1/3 of your life in bed. That is where most check ups is being perform to find out if people do not place their bodies in bad radiation multiplied by many hours of the same location. If you are in bad spot - it is just a matter of time - you will get sick - sometimes deadly sick we all know cancer can be cased by bad environment or virus infections. We can have influence and help in both cases.

   Most customers who get help from Mr. Zbiegeni have very similar problems with their health. Headaches, being tire that is constant and chronic are the most symptoms at the beginning of living in high intensity of radiation from the Earth. Problems with sleeping is constant. Thyroid and lungs disorders are the norm for the same situation of bad geopathic radiation. Silent and steady killer, invisible to today's science is taking lives of millions every year. Rheumatism and depression are some of diseases that does not have known cures. Why - we are all electromagnetic beings. We do have our own electromagnetic field. If we damage it by being in bad radiation we get depressions and other mental disorders.

After testing bad areas of the any building or apartment including commercial offices, Mr. Zbiegieni issues detail report telling where to move bad to place it in safer location. After initial changes the neutralization is being constructed and placed. Neutralization as it's name says is used to neutralize bad radiation coming from the Earth. After such changes in every house customers see results sometimes immediately.  Getting good sleeping time, feeling fresh and relaxed are the first signs of improvements. Constant being tired changes to good feeling. After longer period of time bad health issues go away including serious and life threatening diseases like Cancer. Treatments of conventional and unconventional medicine show great improvements.

The best satisfaction for Mr. Zbiegieni is reading letters with thank you notes. Not long ago young girl diagnosed with epilepsy had no hope. After installation of Neutralizations and changes of bed position the results were staggering. The young girl started to go to school. She takes half of her medicine and she takes only half of her medicine for treating this debilitating disease. Eliminating or neutralizing geopathic radiation has help with this disease - the disease of electromagnetic disorder of brain function.

The most unusual service of Mr. Zbiegieni is finding missing people or objects in the Earth electromagnetic field. For example last people who visited me were looking for large amount of money missing from their apartment after visitation of their friends. Searching of the dowser revealed the money is still in the apartment. After detail search the money were found in ... the refrigerator. The amount of cash was recovered in 100% that made the owners very grateful.

Finding treasure was brought to the table many times. Some customers never call back with their results. Those who doug out large amount of treasure usually call Mr. Zbiegeni with their results and words of appreciation.

Once when checking for bad energies of office of coal mine director I got emergency - said Mr. Zbiegeni. There were no people missing in the coal mine but there was large underground fire. The management just could not find the source of that fire and it's location. The management submitted all maps available. After good work the fire was located on the map. The coal mine management shut down the whole section where the fire source was indicated by Mr. Zbiegieni. The fire was successfully extinguished and millions of dollars were saved. The director of this coal mine showed maps and asked if the dowser could find fire they had last year. Working with the passed events may bring challenge yet pinpointing place of fire from last year was accurate by Mr. Zbiegeni and the management was stunt by the ability of dowsing services.

Additional services are used exclusively by businessmen. Once they use Mr. Zbiegeni advice they tend to come back over and over. Once there was businessman who made business plan. He was just curious if he will get large amount of loan for his enterprise. The answer was positive. The gentlemen smiled and answered - "I know I just got it and I wanted to check your ability Mr. Zbiegieni." The same man used many times advice in his business and difficult personal life.  Difficult decisions were based on personal advice of Mr. Zbiegieni. Lot of people who just did not know how to proceed in life got advice from Mr. Zbiegieni.

The work is not only done in Europe. The advice service is truly global and has no limits in space or location. Group of Australian investors were in need of finding amount gold deposits on their properties. For several months in 1986 - 1987 Mr. Zbiegieni  worked to answer the questions about the gold properties around Melbourne in Australia.

The pioneer work in predicting earthquake in Japan showed huge success. His work was filmed by television program showed on national networks. Mr. Zbiegeni received his tape from this program that was very satisfying for him. After all predicting large earthquakes was pioneering job for him at that time. The large earthquake in Japan is scheduled for 2013. The future will show us if it will happen. Mr. Zbiegeni is also interesting in this date. So far predictions in this category are accurate and on time.

After television program about earthquakes Mr. Zbiegeni got flooded with requests from Japan about large treasure hidden somewhere in Japan. Requests for finding people were always top on the list from Japan and other countries.

For American customers Mr. Zbiegieni is considering cooperation with dowsing recovery service located at www.biznet1.com/dowsing/ When making order please refer to him for expertise service. Due to quality of his work the time to check your property or subject may take 3 - 6 weeks.

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