Power Abuse and Harassment by Kentucky State Policeman Keith Armstrong.
By Ted Jec.   March 5th, 2010

On cold night,  March 2nd 2010 I was stopped by Kentucky State Policemen Keith Armstrong ( badge no. 4248 ) without any probable cause of crime on Interstate Highway in Kentucky.
My driving was interrupted at dark parking lot at weight station on Interstate 64 East Bound. After I was ordered to come inside of small building, I gathered all my paperwork ( it was before 10:00 PM ) and  I went to small building where this  policemen was waiting.

I got greeted with question - "what took you so long?!"  After this initial question he asked me what I was doing in Chicago, IL. I answered that I was visiting my mother. After my answer 
State Policeman Keith Armstrong
started yelling for no reason at me. His mental state got rather dangerous - I was about to call 911 for help. State Policeman Keith Armstrong clearly showed mental instability and with not one but two guns wearing at his side to intimidate his victims he announced to me that he does not like my "tone". I reply that this is hate forward emigrants and people who do not speak English the way State Policeman Keith Armstrong prefers.

Next yelling was even more horrifying as this mad man got right at my face shouting that I take his space. At this point I feared for my life as it clearly showed this Kentucky State policeman has racial, ethnic hate toward his victims and is about to attack me either with his firearms or his hands.

Next, he ran out of the building kicking my truck's tires and doing so called vehicle inspection.
In his mental state he just even missed couple lights that stopped working at his inspection on my trailer.
State Policeman Keith Armstrong decided in his mental attack to get more hate and violate even more of my civil, and constitutional rights. He order me to open the trailer, started damaging my cargo in the trailer by jumping on load of marshmallows that eventually got damaged and rejected by my customer.
As this day was my birthday and I got poison by food. I was in very bad pain, diarrhea and lost voice associated with this medical condition. I tried to park in Southern Indiana and Louisville, Ky to spent the night however due to lack of parking and by my medical condition I had to drive to next possible parking place that was just few miles east of point where my life was threatened by mentally unstable, hateful bigot in Kentucky State Police Uniform.

To impose more hate toward me
State Policeman Keith Armstrong ordered me to stay 10 hours in the weight station location leaving me in freezing weather, without food, drink, dirty after all day work and with bad case of diarrhea.
Above all of that, State Policeman Keith Armstrong called me in his questions: cocaine dealer, contraband dealer, metaamphetamine dealer, marijuana dealer and more intimidating terms toward me.
At final step he ordered me to agree to sign paper stating that I agree to bully me even more by searching my living quarters of my vehicle. I answered that I never had any illegal things transported in my truck.
Fearing for my life, prepared to run away from this mental psycho, I announced that I proudly am determine to uphold my constitutional right and I do not agree to violate my American Constitution. For that I received announcement that just because I had the guts to say no - there are police dog units coming to my vehicle and I should go to my truck and wait for the dog units and more police.
After waiting long night in freezing weather, in fear for my life as this is dark area in rural Kentucky, I learn that my faith in American Constitution safe my life, that this mentally challenged individual could snap even more in his mental attack and I could loose my life due to hate and bigotry of State Policeman Keith Armstrong.

Since Federal Investigation Bureau ignores cases like this I decided to forward this case to Media and Elected officials as judges work with police and America Citizens do nat have chance for fair trail. I received bogus 2 tickets and I was ordered to show in Shelby District Court of Law, located at 501 main St, Shelbyville, KY 40064

I am posting my cry for justice to thousands of web sites, media and elected official so we can avoid future tragedy of gunning down innocent people by mentally unstable policemen.

I am going to monitor this case along with other victims of police brutality to see what elected officials ignore this case to cover their "buddies" and what elected officials really want help and respond to future tragedy in this country as it is in big mass for all the corruption. Somebody had to know of the bigotry and hate of State Policeman Keith Armstrong and yet he was allow to wear not one but 2 guns against his victims that are intimidated probably on regular basis.

I count for people of good will who have sensitivity to help put away bullies like State Policeman Keith Armstrong away so they can not hurt the society with their mental deviations, hate, lies and death from their mental state


Ted Jec.

P.O. Box 763, Elfers, FL 34680, USA, Tel. 727-641-6709, Email
I encourage all victims of Police brutality to contact me at http://www.biznet1.com/contact

This letter was posted on thousands of web sites and will be monitored what respond is given to this case. This letter also is being send by mail to:
President Barack Obama
The White House

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Senator Bill Nelson (FL)
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Senator Mitch Mc Connell (KY)
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Senator Jim Bunning (KY)
316 Hart Senate Office Building
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Mr. Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States
U.S. Department of Justice
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Ray LaHood
Secretary of Transportation
U.S. Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Ave., SE
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1 NW OOIDA Drive,
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Office of the Attorney General of Kentucky
700 Capitol Avenue, Suite 118
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Governor of Kentucky
700 Capitol Avenue, Suite 100,
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Federal Bureau of Investigation
Louisville Field Office
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FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
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