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Nebraska State Police Commander, Captain Russell Lewis who purposely ignored (covered up) ( corruption) the crimes of Aaron Watson.
This is request letter asking to stop the crimes of Russell Lewis ignoring and covering up the criminal activity by Aaron Watson terrorizing innocent people in the state of Nebraska that includes the victim Ted Jeczalik.
Port Richey, 12-1-2019
From: Ordinary People Magazine
People Against Crimes of Police and Corrupted Government.
P.O. Box 248,
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   In November, 2019 Ted Jeczalik was driving in Nebraska on Interstate Highway 80 when Nebraska State policeman Aaron Watson stopped Ted Jec. for no reason lying about some moving over law, swirling lanes, not working turn light and bunch of other lies.  Then Arron Watson started terrorizing his victim, extorting Social Security, finger prints and more.

Ted Jec. refused to participate in Aaron Watson criminal activity upholding the American Constitution yet he was coerced by violent and abusive behavior by Aaron Watson threatening to put innocent human being to jail, violating American Constitution, American Civil Rights and Human Rights.

The crimes of Aaron Watson criminal activity was forwarded by the victim Ted Jec. to the superior of Aaron Watson, Mr. Russell Lewis. The victims had hope for justice. Unfortunately, Mr. Russell Lewis ignored the cry for help by covering up the crimes of Aaron Watson. The  ignorance of Russell Lewis be a ground of immediate dismissal in disgrace and those two criminals should be going to trial by jury not continuing domestic terrorism against the American Constitution.

Stop Russell Lewis and Aaron Watson for continuing further crims!

Sincerely, The Victims of Aaron Watson and Russell Lewis.

Ted Jec.

Below we have writen report by the victim on the day of terrorizm of Arron Watson:
Russell Lewis crimes against humanity

crimes of Aaron Watson and Russell Lewis
crimes of Aaron Watson and Russell Lewis
Crimes of Aaron Watson and Russell Lewis
Crimes of Aaron Watson and
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